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Scotson Fold Farm, Off George Street, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 3SQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Kennels and Cattery like? Are they heated?

Scotson Fold Pet Care Centre is a family run business that complements the homely feel that has been created here. At Scotson Fold all the kennel and cattery blocks are indoors and fully heated, with the temperature monitored. Each individual kennel and chalet is comfortable and spacious, with indoor living quarters and elevated sleeping areas, all of which are provided with plenty of high quality bedding, along with everything a loved pet will need for their holidays. Calming and pleasant background music plays all day, with a steady stream of activity until bedtime comes when the curtains are drawn and all the pets are tucked up in bed.

Could I come and have a look around first?

At Scotson Fold we always recommend that pet owners do have a good look around several kennels and catteries to ensure that they find the correct accommodation for their pet. At Scotson Fold we welcome viewings and invite you to ask any questions about any topic that concerns you regarding boarding your pet. A thorough guided tour of the facilities is guaranteed between 11.00am - 12.30pm or 1.00pm - 3.00pm on any day of the week. No appointment necessary and you are under no obligation. Due to the amount of information we go through, a viewing can last on average 15-20 minutes, sometimes longer, so please allow plenty of time.

Does my pet have to be vaccinated?

As a licenced pet boarding establishment all pets must be fully vaccinated and kept up to date with their annual boosters. A complete and valid vaccination record card from your veterinary surgeon is required on your pets arrival to Scotson Fold. It is necessary that all dogs are vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Leptospirosis. The annual vaccinations for cats must cover Feline Infectious Enteritis and Feline Influenza. The Feline Leukaemia Virus vaccination is not compulsory in accordance with our licence although is recommended.

Must I get my dog vaccinated against kennel cough?

The canine vaccine is not a compulsory vaccination at Scotson Fold as per our Local Authority issued Licence. The vaccine itself does not protect against every single strain of kennel cough and so therefore does not offer 100% protection. The live vaccine can be shed for up to 21 days after administration and thus poses a threat to other dogs within close vicinity. A dog which has had the vaccine administered may develop mild side effects and sometimes these side effects can mutate into full blown kennel cough rendering that dog contagious. For this reason we have a strict 21 day rule in that any dog having the kennel cough vaccine administered must have it done at least 21 days prior to entry to our kennels.

Close monitoring of every single canine guest, an antibacterial air spray, refusal of obviously infected pets and our 21 day rule are all ways in which we attempt to keep this respiratory disease away. No establishment can claim to guarantee to keep kennel cough at bay but, like us, can do everything in their power to try to prevent it.

Please see ‘Infectious Tracheobronchitis’ under the ‘Vaccinations’ section in our menu for full details.

Will my pet be mixed with other pets?

No, at Scotson Fold all pets receive individual care and attention. Our kennels and chalets are plenty large enough to house more than one dog or more than one cat from the same household should you wish them to board together. The cattery is fully equipped with a luxurious family chalet, which is a purpose built chalet to house up to six cats. Pets are exercised individually unless boarding with another pet belonging to the same client. If a client wants their pet to be exercised with another pet outside of the immediate family then written consent is required from each pet owner involved. As always, close supervision would be undertaken during all exercise sessions.

My pet is particular where he/she goes to the toilet, will this be a problem?

All cats are provided with litter trays. They are checked regularly to remove any waste as soon as possible. Dogs tend to use the play area to go to the toilet or the living area in their kennels. The kennels are checked at regular intervals to keep their living quarters clean and hygienic. Doing this shows us which pets do not like to toilet inside. We can then act accordingly, such as taking the dog outside more frequently.

We have various surfaces available for dogs to toilet on such as concrete, rubble, bark and grassed areas. Please be sure to inform staff should your dog display any preferences usually.

Do I need to bring anything in?

Everything your pet will need on their holiday is provided by Scotson Fold. Fresh food, feeding dishes, comfortable beds with high quality bedding are all provided, along with leads for the canine holiday makers and toys for the feline guests. Your pet may like to pack a favourite toy or something with a familiar smell on to remind him/her of home. We ask you not bring are any food or water bowls, and for hygiene reasons we prefer you not to bring and blankets or bedding although if it is your pet’s first visit with us we will allow a small blanket or old t-shirt on the understanding that if it becomes soiled we will have no option but to dispose of it. All belongings are left entirely at the owner's risk.

Do I need to bring my pets own food, or is it provided by the kennels?

At Scotson Fold we provide all the dogs and cats with one meal a day of a complete dry food. Some pets, such as elderly pets or puppies, are often given 2 or 3 smaller meals daily. For the dogs a 'Super Premium Dog Food' has been specially selected. The food is naturally hypoallergenic and is fresh fish and chicken based. The food contains probiotics which aids the digestive tract and introduces beneficial gut flora, thus enhancing the well being of your pet.

A scientifically formulated, high quality food is provided for the cats. This food comes highly recommended by veterinarians. Alternatively if you would prefer to keep your pet on their regular diet then you have the choice of providing your own pet's food. There would be a small additional charge and we would require full instructions to enable staff to provide the exact care for your pet.

My pet is a fussy eater, what will happen if my pet does not eat?

Feeding habits are closely monitored at Scotson Fold and recorded daily. Eating habits can change tremendously when a pet goes on holiday due to the different environment. Your pet will easily become adjusted to a new routine. We want to be able to provide the best care that we can and we want to ensure good health and well being. Staff at Scotson Fold have successfully completed Pet Nutrition Counsellor Programmes at various levels of achievement. If your pet does not eat as well as we would hope then your pet's diet will be changed to a food that we feel would be more suitable. Upon booking with us we ask about your pet's usual diet and eating behaviour. For you own peace of mind please feel free to bring along some of your pet's usual diet as a back up for when they come to stay with us.

Please be sure to inform us of any food allergies your pet may have.

My pet is on medication, will this be continued?

Medication accompanied by full written instructions will be continued. Fully qualified senior members of staff will administer the medication. There will be an additional charge for the administration of medication.

Our fully trained staff are also able to administer insulin injections should your pet be diabetic. As with medications, there will be an extra charge for this service. If injections are required out of working hours then a surcharge will be applicable also for a member of staff to return to work after hours to perform the injection.

What if my pet becomes ill during their stay?

All the staff are experienced, qualified and able to treat minor ailments. At Scotson Fold we have a veterinary nurse on call 24 hours a day to provide any advice necessary. We are also in very close proximity to several excellent veterinary surgeons, for problems which may need veterinary treatment. We also ask for an emergency contact number from you so that we are able to speak to someone for guidance on your behalf and we also ask for the veterinary surgery that your pet is registered with so that if we do need to contact the vet who would have your pets health history available. On site we have isolation kennels available in case your pet needs to be separated from other canine guests, for example if we have suspicions a dog has any ailment that may be infectious we have a very strict isolation procedure we must follow to protect against further infection.

Will my pet be exercised?

The canine guests that come to Scotson Fold are exercised individually at least once a day within the play area. Additional exercise/attention sessions are available depending upon your pets requirements. We offer one to one sessions which can involve playing, petting or grooming which is available to both the cats and dogs. Dogs can have play sessions in their kennel, in the play area or on the surrounding countryside depending on your preference. Outside of the play area, pets are kept on leads at all times. Cats have their play sessions within their chalet, to ensure that your cat stays safe and secure.

My pet is vary wary of strangers and would see the staff as strangers, how would this be overcome?

When your pet comes to stay at Scotson Fold we try to have the same carers working with your pet throughout their stay. As we feel a friendly familiar face on a regular basis helps the pets adjust to being away from home, and because they are seeing the same people on a regular basis your pet no longer sees us as strangers. This helps build up a close relationship between your pet and the carer and therefore your pet begins to feel safe and secure from the very first day. If any pet does show signs of being nervous or fretting the carers endeavour to spend extra time with your pet to assure them, they are going to be well cared for, comfortable and safe.

My pet has long hair which needs regular brushing. Are there any grooming facilities available?

If you are concerned about your pet getting a knotty coat whilst they are staying with us, we do offer one to one grooming sessions for during their holiday. There is also the option of having a full bath and groom for your dog with our two award winning Canine Beauticians, on the day they are going home. The grooming service is also available for pets that are not boarding with us.

How will I know how my pet has been during their stay?

Our main priority at Scotson Fold is your pets personal well-being. This is why we make a point of keeping daily, detailed written records of each individual pet. This not only helps us monitor all the pets progress, it also helps for us to give our clients an honest summary of how their pets have settled during their stay with us.

We also keep detailed records of every single pet that boards with us on a secure computer database. This allows continuity of care for repeat visits.

Will my pets behaviour be the same after his holidays as before and what can I do to help him/her settle back in?

Because pets do not experience time as humans do, they merely get set into a routine. Once they are returned to their own familiar surroundings a bit of exploration around their home brings their normal home routine back to mind. Just as regular boarders at Scotson Fold tend to settle better each time they come back to us, as they recognise the carers and the kennel environment.

Is there someone on site 24 hours a day?

There is 24 hour supervision at Scotson Fold for all pets. Although we do insist on limiting activity as much as possible during the night. As all the pets do need a break from the excitement of the days comings and goings. The pets do need time to relax with no un-welcome disturbances.

I don't have my own transport, could you collect and deliver my pet?

Scotson Fold does offer a reliable collection and delivery service. We have several drivers that are fully qualified in dealing with pets, to take your pet safely to and from your home. Scotson Folds collection and delivery van is fitted with safety cages to make the journey as safe and stress free as possible.

Does my pet need to be Identichipped?

No, Microchips/Identichips are not compulsory. We do however, require all dogs to have an identification tag on their collar for us to be able to accept them for boarding. This rule came into effect on 1st January 2005 as a result of a discussion with the environmental services who issues our boarding licence. Tagging is also required by law. Please see 'Pet Tags and the Law' below for more information.

If you would like to ask a question not answered above, please contact us via the online contact form here

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